Do you know how some things have a feel to them—like their own personality? 

To logistics pros like us, shipping modes are no different. You probably have modes that bring certain feelings and thoughts to mind. 

In fact, we’d argue there are many similarities between people and shipping, even if we can’t quite put our finger on it sometimes.

None of this is scientific in the way a Myers-Briggs or IQ test might be, and it’s meant 100% for fun… but below are our ideas for how different types of people and shipping modes can be compared. Give them a read to see if one is a fitting description of you!


You are the dad-bod of freight.

You’re big and a little rough around the edges. You carry more weight than most modes, and even sometimes a bit scary to those around you on the road. But, there’s comfort in knowing you’re there and, in the end, bring stability to the whole supply chain for everyone.

Ocean Cargo: 

You are the super-model of freight.

You’re really good-looking and take the best pictures anywhere in the supply chain (who doesn’t love those big colorful photos of cargo ships full of containers?) At the same time, you’re a little mysterious because you often disappear for weeks at a time out somewhere at sea. 


You are the multi-tasker of freight.

If you are a neat freak, you may identify with LTL more than others. Cleaning up all the extra partial loads and single pallets from shippers that truckloads do not want is your thing. At the same time, you’re keeping track of complex rate agreements, resolving OS&D issues, begging docks for appointments, and just getting ship done.

Small Parcel:

You are the death and taxes of freight (the only guarantees in life).

What is the closest thing to a guarantee in shipping? It’s small parcel deliveries (USPS not-with-standing). Even though everyone has a story of that one delivery problem from, like eight years ago, UPS and FedEx are really good at delivering reliably. The truth is both companies are who shippers look to ‘when it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight’.


You are the caring grandma of freight.

Like the grandmother helping to shuttle grandkids to and from after-school sports and activities, you are always there to help out when there is work to be done. People may confuse you with long-haul truckers, but no. You stay local, and when the cargo ship is FINALLY unloaded you’re there to help.


You are the tortoise of freight.

If you are a believer in the adage ‘slow and steady wins the race’, you’re probably a fan of intermodal shipping. You get the job done but are only worthwhile over long distances and move slow. If it needs to be fast, it’s not for you, plus you can only really help out if there is a railroad ramp nearby.

Air Cargo:

You are the hare of freight.

You’re fast, confident, and make sure everyone knows it because you’re expensive. You usually only hear from people when they’re in a tight spot and know it’ll cost them. But sometimes, when your rates are too high, they’ll decide to make do with some other mode that’s cheaper and slower. The good news is your cockiness keeps your feelings from getting hurt!

So, which mode are you?