American veterans are saving the trucking industry

How Veterans are Saving the Industry

How Veterans are Saving the Industry

Each Veterans’ Day Americans take time to reflect and honor all of those who served their country. What many fail to realize, however, is that thousands of veterans continue to serve their country in a different way after coming home. A growing number of military veterans have decided to hit the road as motor carriers to do what they do best- keep America running smoothly.

Why Veterans Make Great Truck Drivers

As of 2013, there were 22,000 active-duty truck drivers and 10,000 who had recently separated from the military.

As Bill McLennan, CEO of FASTPORT told, “There’s a lot of similarities between what [servicemen and women] do in the military and what the trucking industry does, and that’s regardless of what their military occupation or specialty is.”

He’s right- to work as a truck driver requires extensive training and discipline, leadership and independence, all of which are skills inset by the military. On top of that, many veterans worked in similar positions while on active-duty, and already have the skills and knowledge needed to safely and efficiently operate a truck.

Why the Industry Needs Veterans, and Vice Versa

It’s no new news that there’s a driver shortage in the industry. The American Trucking Associations predicts that we will need 175,000 new drivers by 2024 to avoid chaos. It’s also not news that there is a huge number of unemployed veterans in the United States. In 2014, the veteran unemployment rate dropped to 5.3%, however, that still left 573,000 veterans without a job. To combat both issues, the government has started giving colleges and schools federal grants, specifically to pay the tuition of veterans who wish to become truck drivers. In addition, most states now offer skill test waivers to veterans who have two years of safe driving experience while on active-duty.

Veterans and the Trucking Industry 

Veterans and the trucking industry have a mutually beneficial relationship, anyone can see that. Hopefully in the upcoming years more veterans will learn about the opportunities being a truck driver presents, and we can begin to reduce the number of unemployed veterans in the United States. For those who are veteran motor carriers, Loadsmart thanks you for your service on both fields.

Is Paying Truckers by the Mile Contributing to the Driver Shortage?

Although the drivers shortage is currently estimated at around 35,000-40,000, it is predicted to reach 240,000 drivers by 2022. Although there are several factors that contribute to the shortage, an interesting one might be how truckers are paid. Not necessarily how much, but how.

According to Larry Kahaner from the LA Times being paid by the mile and not by the hour results in drivers making no money when sitting in traffic or waiting at warehouses, it also promotes speeding in order to make money.  A driver stated “Because payment is by the mile, warehousers and others don’t respect drivers’ time. Any inefficiency in their operation — and even from my own carrier — is soaked up by the driver at no cost to anyone else.”

A drivers opinion on how their carrier values them definitely impacts their performance levels and the turnover rate. Dupre logistics who started paying their drivers by the hour for safety reasons stated“The company realized that even though it was following the rules governing how many hours a trucker could be on the road, its drivers were fatigued, and therefore accident prone.” 

This resulted in the company crash rate plummeting, they attract experienced and reliable drivers and their turnover rate is 17% in an industry where the rate is normally around 90%. Thoughts?

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5 Tips to Extend Tire Duration and Improve Fuel Economy

Peggy Fisher of Tire Stamp, Inc., spoke of the “Facts behind low-rolling-resistance tires” at the ATA’s Technology & Maintenance Council annual meeting and here are the tips she had for us.

1. Keep tires properly inflated all the time

2. Take advantage of technology

3. Switch to low-rolling-resistance tires

4. Keep tractors and trailers aligned

5. Keep a tight rein on vehicle speed

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Ryder is Designing Trucking Package For Women

Ryder plans to have a female friendly vehicle package for lease in the near future. With the input of Women in Trucking and various OEM’s, Ryder has found 15 female friendly specifications which mainly have to do with a woman’s smaller structure.

Some Adjustments

-Adjusted height and place of grab handles

-Adjustable seatbelt shoulder straps

-Improved placement of dash cluster gauges

-Easier accessibility to oil and coolant checks and fill ports.

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ATA “Share the Road” Delivers 200,000 Wreaths

The American Trucking Associations campaign participated with hundreds of volunteers to lay 200,000 wreaths at Arlington National Cemetery last Saturday. For 6 days Ralph Garcia and Nate McCarty from ABF Freight System Inc drove to multiple school and other locations to educate on sharing the road with trucks and trucking safety before reaching their final destination to deliver the wreaths.

Collins: The Woman Behind the HOS Amendment.

The changes to the hours of service regulations are being celebrated by many trucking associations around the country, and they have Senator Collins to thank for it. Here’s a little information on the woman behind the HOS amendment.

-First elected in 1996, this is her 3rd term.

-In 2011 Collins got trucks weighing up to 100,000 lbs on Maine highways that were once re-routed to busy downtown streets.

-Collins lives in a rural northern part of Maine, it’s big trucking country.

– Collins efforts won praise by many trucking associations as well as FedEx.

– FedEx was her 9th largest contributor with $44,500.

-Collins raised $2.76 million in total.

-She has fought for many other issues including, repealing $50 billion in tax breaks for tobacco industry and helped repeal “don’t ask, don’t tell”

– In 2002 she became chairman of Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee and continues to work as a member.

What to Expect in the Trucking Industry For 2015

1. Worsening Driver Shortage. (lower driver standards, carrier mergers, driver pay increase and incentives.)

2. Tightening Capacity and Increase Use of Private Fleets.

3. Improving Productivity with Trucking Technology.

4, Debating Autonomous Trucks.

5. Surge in Truck Orders Will Change Wait Times.

6. Global Economic Crisis Could Effect the U.S.

7. Congress Must Find Answers to Fund Infrastructure by May.

8. More Scrutiny of Driver Screening.

9. Increase use of Telematics Devices.

10. Downsizing to Medium Duty Fleets.

11. Fuel Economy Technology.

12.  Constant Changes in Manufacturing and Supply Chain.

13. E-logging and HOS mandates.

14. CSA Changes.

15. More FMCSA regulations.

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J&R Schugel Trucking Will Start Employee Stock Ownership Plan in 2015

J&R Schugel has established a employee stock ownership plan to start January 1,2015 to employees who are already a part of the company. Drivers who become employee after December 31 will have a waiting period. The retirement plan will invest in common stock of the company and will include ownership interest. Schugel has been very successful and has grown to have 600 power units, over 1,000 trailers and 3 terminals.

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$15 Million Stolen From Arrow By CEO

Former CEO and President of Arrow trucking was indicted last week of 23 counts of fraud and tax evasion. He has been accused of using arrow accounts to pay for his personal expenses which equate to $15 million with another $5 million in tax evasion. Some of the money was spent on his wedding, several luxury cars, personal credit cards and depositing money into his wife’s account. He also kept employee withheld money that was suppose to go toward federal income taxes and social security. Arrow shut down without notice in last 2009 before filing for bankruptcy.



9 important things to ask when shopping around for commercial auto insurance.


-Do they have specialized claims reps and not just third party general representatives?

-Do they have dedicated repair shops?

Service and Coverage

-Does the coverage fit your unique needs?

-What is their reputation? Ask around.

-Are they open 24/7?

-Do they have rental reimbursement with downtime?


-It’s about getting the most for your money, not just what is cheapest.

-Do they have bundling packages?

-Ask for discounts.



22 Days of Christmas Begins with Capitol Christmas Tree Delivered! (Sponsored By Trucking Industry)

As a tribute to the start of our 22 days of Christmas we are making a story about a Christmas Tree one of our top stories of the day. The special Kenworth T8830 delivered the tree, a 75ft white spruce from Montana. The tree made 30 stops and went on a 3 week tour with other fellow trees. The event was sponsored by Truckload Carrier Association, PeopleNert and others. 15664635211_3538b286d7_k


ATA Starts Working With Hire Our Heroes to Hire 100,000 Veterans

The U.S Chamber of Congress launched Hiring Our Heroes in March 2011 and has recruited 1,700 companies to commit to hiring about 585,000 veterans with 369,000 veterans already hired, however the current goal is to get 500,000 veterans hired, fortunately the American Trucking Association has committed to hiring 100,000 veterans. With the driver shortage this is a win-win for both sides. They are using FASTPORT’s trucking track system to match veteran with fleets with open positions. is another great programs trying to get our veterans into the driver seat. Check it out.