Secretary of Transportation Unveils 30 Year Plan at Google

The Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx stated that the DOT has been working for more than a year on the plan to improve the nations infrastructure in a 30 year plan. The 30 year plan moves us forward into the future of transportation. Predicting technological advances such as Driverless Cars, Drone Delivery and further Ride-Hailing services.

At the rate we are going we will have a plethora of technological advances but we will also have run down infrastructure and that is unacceptable. The Secretary of Transportations choice to announce the plans with Google shows their plans to go past government speeds and work with the transportation technology in Silicon Valley.

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List of upcoming rules and mandates by the DOT: E-logging, Speed Limiters, etc.


On September 30,2015 the final electronic logging device mandate shall be in place, however the e-log mandate will not be enforced until two years laters on 9/30/17.

Speed Limiters

Next on the DOT’s list is a mandate on speed limiters. This proposition is expected to be delivered to the White Houses’ office of management and budgets next month. It has been a project the DOT has been working on for awhile but has pushed back several times this year.

Minimum Liability Insurance

The rule does not intend to raise the current minimum but intends to be more of a survey to gather data from carriers.

Other Mandates Being Published by the End of 2015

The Safety Fitness Determination Rules should be published by April.

The Anti-Coercion of Drivers by Carriers and Brokers is expected by the end of September.

The CDL Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse Rules is expected by the end of October.

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Todays decaying infrastructure, current issues and plans by Secretary of Transportation

Obama’s first secretary of Transportation Ray Lahood and the current secretary of transportation Anthony Foxx have both discussed  the importance of voting this coming tuesday, when 435 congress seats will be elected. They remind us that the current congress has not been able to pass a long term high way bill, LaHood claims that there is no vision in todays congress. Here are some interesting infrastructure facts by both the former and current secretary of transportation.

Thoughts by Ray Lahood (Former Secretary of Transportation)

– The US used to be #1 in infrastructure, we are now #15

-“Build an interstate road and you create a corridor of commerce.”

– Recommends gas tax increase of 10 cents per gallon, and it needs to be indexed to the cost of living.

– Him and the rest of the Obama administration were working on plans to boost a world class high speed rail which has cost $8 billion.

Thoughts by Anthony Foxx (Current Secretary of Transportation)

-People are finally understanding that “short term measures are doing damage to our system.”

-The current gas tax is 18.4 cents but has not been raised since 1993.

-The Last Transportation Bill approved by congress (2012) included $50 billion per year but the gas tax is only bring in $34 billion per year.

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Effects of Fracking on Freight Transportation

With the use of hydraulic fracking on freight transportation on the rise the U.S. department of transportation research and innovative technology administration gave out a grant to research the effects of fracking on freight transportation to Vanderbilt University and University of Alabama in Huntsville. The ultimate goal being to guide freight transportation manager and policy makers on how to handle the fracking on freight transportation issues, particularly on economic and safety issues. Other studies have already shown the effects of fracking on a smaller demographic. The results show altered local economies and freight distribution. Trucking Info>> 

DOT issues permits to transport Ebola Medical Waste but to who might surprise you

This special permit was granted by DOT to Stericyle to transport Ebola medical waste in Texas. These permit are given to ensure the companies transporting the Ebola waste are qualified and know the precautions that need to take place when transporting contagious diseases like Ebola. DOT and the center for disease control and prevention are working together to form similar guidelines for other states if Ebola spread to other states. American Shipper>>

Now although thats all nice and good, the real scandalous question is WHO is transporting the ebola waste ?

Stericylce has a history of illegally dumping aborted babies. Yes, you read that correct. Stericyle was fined $42,000 in 2011 for this act. When it was discovered that the remains of the aborted babies were powering the local power plant. Not only that but Stericycle has just recently come into the spotlight again for using an incinerator that is causing air pollution in Utah. There is even a website and Facebook page fighting against this Stericycle. Should this be the companies that the Center for Disease Control and Prevent and DOT be issuing these permit too?   CNS News>>  

Today’s Problem: DOT is being sued for inadequate driver training. A: Driver Simulators

For years safety groups have been fighting to get DOT to imply some safety driver training. After no success they have decided to sue.

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Do you think truck training is not up to par? What is your opinion on Driver simulators. Well for those of you that are using driving simulators lets look at 7 ways to get the most of this trucking technology.

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