FMCSA Survey Finds Truckers pros and cons to E-Logging

FMCSA found that carrier harassment to truckers using E-Logs is minimal however it still found pros and cons to E-Logging. FMCSA stated that the evidence in the survey does not support the assumption that more harassments are due to logging Hours of Service with E-logs however it does not necessarily find that it doesn’t either.


-More drivers using E-logs reported more frequent instances of harassment, however 95% don’t contribute it to E-logging.

Pros to E-Logging

70% of drivers believe…

1. E-Logging involves less paperwork to fill out.

2. E-Logging is time efficient and makes it easier to comply with hours.

3. Enhances relationships with fleet managers.

Cons to E-logging

More than 50% of drivers believe…

1. They give their fleet manager to much insight (no privacy).

2. E-Logging hinders them from doing their jobs the way they want to.

3. It makes them less Independence.

FMCSA is Getting Ready for E-Logging Mandate

The FMCSA ELD mandate requires all truckers who have to keep records of duty status to do so on e-logging devices, this mandate will begin sometime in 2017. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has started preparing for the e-logging mandate by registering FMCSA approved e-logging devices. Those registered will be put up on the FMCSA website as approved ELD makers once they’ve met all requirements. FMCSA estimates 22 electronic logging device makers and about 88 e-logging devices will be registered.

FMCSA regulation plans for 2015

In one year FMCSA will propose five rules to alter regulations in the trucking industry.This month alone the FMCSA will propose an increase in liability insurance for motor carriers. This is going to be a year of change, let’s see what’s coming.

Changes in the Trucking Industry

  • Agency’s safety fitness determination carriers scoring plan.
  • Speed Limiters on all Class 8’s
  • CDL Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse- a data with all truck drivers that failed or refused a drug or alcohol test. Also mandating motor carriers to see the data before hiring.
  • Mandating e-log devices
  • Forbid coercion between truck drivers
  • Make it easier for military members to get a CDL. (in the works)

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