Loadsmart CEO addresses transport capacity shortages at Automotive Logistics Supply Chain Conference

Technology is transforming the automotive and logistics industries. But for many supply chain managers the biggest headaches are still the most familiar ones, such as driver and transport capacity shortages, lost containers, poor forecasting and incomplete visibility. Just this morning, The Wall Street Journal featured how Deere & Co. is raising equipment prices to make up for rising freight transport costs. The equipment maker is a host of U.S. manufacturers reporting rising expenses as a growing U.S. economy drives up prices for materials and shipping.

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The Truth About Manufactoring Growth Since The 2000’s

Manufactoring growth seemingly recovered from 2008’s employment levels but a report by nonpartisan Information Technology and Innovation Foundation discovered that most of the growth is just cyclical not structural or a recovery which makes the growth temporary.

Even with the improvements the U.S was still lost about 1 million manufactoring jobs and 15,000 manufactoring establishments since 2000. The only real growth seen is in electronics and computers and even computer production had declined almost 10% from 2000 to 2009.