Happy Holidays But Be Careful: The Stats on Thanksgiving Weekend Travel

This year there is an expected increase in Thanksgiving weekend travel which starts today (Nov 26) and ends Sunday (Nov 30). The reason for the increase is believed to come from two factors, one because people are more optimistic on the economy and two because Americans are seeing the lowest gas prices since 2009.

More than 46 million Americans will travel at least 50 miles. These stats are 4.2% higher than last year and are the highest stats since 2007.

89% will travel by highway a 4.3% increase from last year.

Average Distance traveled is 549 miles roundtrip.

Average Spending amounts to $573.

An estimated 418 traffic fatalities/ 44,7000 injuries requiring medical attention.

And an estimated 153 lives saved during thanksgiving because of seat belts.



Safety Railroad Proposition Might Actually Make Things Worse

In the last 18 months, oil trains in the U.S & Canada have had 10 major accidents, including the Lac-Mégantic, Quebec incident that killed 47 people. With this in mind, the regulator and mineral resource director of North Dakota has proposed to require oil companies to lower volatility of crude before shipping by rail. They strategy to do so involves removing certain liquids and gasses from all crude being shipped from the state. Although the Industrial Commission seems to agree with the proposition, with the Gov who heads the commission calling the proposition “an excellent working draft,” they are going to review it further. If the proposition is approved it will start being enforced in February. However not everyone agrees with the proposition and are bringing up valid arguments to why it would actually worsen the safety issues.

Ron Ness the president of the North Dakota Petroleum Counsel which represents more than 500 companies responded saying that stripping liquids and gases from crude would in reality cause the crude to become more hazardous and would result in unnecessary pollution.

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