The 411 on Arkansas New Speed Limit For Trucks

-New signs are being put up today to raise the speed limit for trucks on rural interstates to 70 mph.

-Last week Arkansas’ Highway Commission removed the 65 mph speed limit for heavy trucks, citing congestion as a factor.

-The change will mainly impact Arkansas interstate 40, 30 and 55.

– The reality is you will still be seeing trucks going 65mph and under.

-Many trucking companies like Celadon and CalArk international have electronic governors to limit the trucks speed to 65 and they are not planning on changing the limits, citing safety concerns.

-The ATA has a petition pending before the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration for a nationwide 65mph speed limit for trucks.

For more on the reasoning behind raising the speed limit go to The Trucker>>

For more on why it should have stayed at 65mph go to Arkansas Online>>

FMCSA regulation plans for 2015

In one year FMCSA will propose five rules to alter regulations in the trucking industry.This month alone the FMCSA will propose an increase in liability insurance for motor carriers. This is going to be a year of change, let’s see what’s coming.

Changes in the Trucking Industry

  • Agency’s safety fitness determination carriers scoring plan.
  • Speed Limiters on all Class 8’s
  • CDL Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse- a data with all truck drivers that failed or refused a drug or alcohol test. Also mandating motor carriers to see the data before hiring.
  • Mandating e-log devices
  • Forbid coercion between truck drivers
  • Make it easier for military members to get a CDL. (in the works)

For more info go to CCJ Digital>>

Effects of Fracking on Freight Transportation

With the use of hydraulic fracking on freight transportation on the rise the U.S. department of transportation research and innovative technology administration gave out a grant to research the effects of fracking on freight transportation to Vanderbilt University and University of Alabama in Huntsville. The ultimate goal being to guide freight transportation manager and policy makers on how to handle the fracking on freight transportation issues, particularly on economic and safety issues. Other studies have already shown the effects of fracking on a smaller demographic. The results show altered local economies and freight distribution. Trucking Info>> 

FMCSA discuss medication, insurance, and cross border pilot program

The FMCSA’s Motor Carriers Safety Advisory Committee and their Medical Review Board will be discussing the affects of painkillers and amphetamines on truckers driving ability. The Motor Carrier Safety Advisory Committee will also hold another meeting to discuss possibly raising liability insurance for both carriers and brokers. They will also be discussing their failed cross borders pilot program with Mexican companies that ended last month.

The meeting are open to the public. The Medication discussion will take place Oct 27 and the rest on Oct 28 at the Hilton Alexandria Old Town in Alexandria Va., at 9-4:30pm in the Washington and Jefferson Rooms. Online comments are welcome until Oct 22 at the following link CCJ Digital>>

Campaign for public and policymakers to value the trucking industry doing well

In a previous post LoadSmart discussed the lack of appreciation for truckers and the trucking industry in general. The Trucking  Moves America Forward campaign is trying to build the image of the trucking industry, striving for the public and policymakers to truly comprehend the value and importance of the trucking industry. In doing so, the Trucking Moves America Forward campaign might be able to grow an appreciation for truckers and strengthen and evolve the trucking industry.

Trucking Moves America Forward is already 80% funded and lets not undermine the publicity, with more then 25 million impressions in the media, achieving the same long term goal to improve the image of the trucking industry without the money. If this can be intriguing enough to be so marketable for the media then it shows the curiousity and belief in the trucking industry. LoadSmart’s question is, do you believe this campaign will be affective in convincing policymakers and public in the value of the trucking industry?

Go to Trucking Move America>>

Trucks of the Future. Not completely trucker-free. Safety ?’s

The New York Times “Wheelies: The Future Truck Edition” gives us the list of all the automotive industries future plans. The Mercedes “Future Truck” would not be trucker free. The trucker would definitely be less hands-on but the trucker would still have to start the truck and merge it on the highway, then the truck would drive itself on the highway.

LoadSmart’s question which was quickly addressed and then dismissed was, if the self-driving trucks like the one Mercedes plans to develop by 2025 are safer or will they actually permit more leniency for truckers to be distracted? What do you guys think about the “self driving” trucks of the future? For other trucks of the future go to New York Times>> 

Poll Found Public Opinion on Trucking Industry Positive

Only 9% of those polled had negative opinions on the trucking industry. 80% believe that truck drivers are safer than passenger vehicle drivers, 90% believed that passenger vehicle drivers are more likely to speed versus a truck driver, and 74% believed that when a passenger vehicle and a truck get into a collision it was most likely the passenger vehicle’s fault.

They were also asked about the highway infrastructure and most Americans believe that the highway infrastructure needs improvement however they do not want to taxes to pay for it.