Is Paying Truckers by the Mile Contributing to the Driver Shortage?

Although the drivers shortage is currently estimated at around 35,000-40,000, it is predicted to reach 240,000 drivers by 2022. Although there are several factors that contribute to the shortage, an interesting one might be how truckers are paid. Not necessarily how much, but how.

According to Larry Kahaner from the LA Times being paid by the mile and not by the hour results in drivers making no money when sitting in traffic or waiting at warehouses, it also promotes speeding in order to make money.  A driver stated “Because payment is by the mile, warehousers and others don’t respect drivers’ time. Any inefficiency in their operation — and even from my own carrier — is soaked up by the driver at no cost to anyone else.”

A drivers opinion on how their carrier values them definitely impacts their performance levels and the turnover rate. Dupre logistics who started paying their drivers by the hour for safety reasons stated“The company realized that even though it was following the rules governing how many hours a trucker could be on the road, its drivers were fatigued, and therefore accident prone.” 

This resulted in the company crash rate plummeting, they attract experienced and reliable drivers and their turnover rate is 17% in an industry where the rate is normally around 90%. Thoughts?

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The Trucks of the (Near) Future Are Here And No They Aren’t Driverless.

Concept trucks isn’t a new concept but it is one that has been getting a lot of attention since MATs when Freightliner presented their SuperTruck concept truck. Many companies have realized that concept trucks are the future. We aren’t capitalizing on the technology in such an important industry and we have to stop making simple changes to our current trucks.  We at LoadSmart are obviously huge advocates on improving this industry with technology and now the automotive section is starting to get with the program. No more slight changes year by year, when you focus on concept trucks these are the results you get.

Freightliner’s SuperTruck

  • 115% boost in vehicle freight efficiency.
  • 50.2% increase in engine brake.
  • 54% reduction in overall aerodynamic drag
  • 12.2 mpg at 65mph.
  • 10.7 liter engine that optimizes the trucks hybrid and waster heat recovery systems.

(Freightliner received a $40 million government grant to build the supertruck, which was matched by Daimer)

Peterbilt’s Walmart Advanced Vehicle Experience (WAVE)

  • Powered by a fuel neutral turbine engine that can run on diesel, gasoline, natural gas, DME, hydrogen and other biofuel.
  • Improved aerodynamic by 20% over conventional models.
  • Walmart uses a single driver model and with their turbine engine that does not need a radiator they were able to move the driver to the middle and create a unique shape that improves aerodynamics.
  • Trailer body is made by almost entirely carbon fiber making it 4,000 pounds lighter.

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Is There a New Jersey Transportation Crisis? Christie Doesn’t Think So…

Christie says there’s no transportation crisis but many disagree stating potholes are opening everywhere, there’s another possible fare hike for New Jersey commuters, and bridges in New Jersey were ranked 6th worst in the country.

Christie and lawmakers have been struggling to find sources of revenue for the New Jersey Transportation Trust Fund, refusing to commit to increasing the state 14.5 cent gas tax to support the $1.6 Billion they spend a year on infrastructure.

Without increase in revenue all the money raised by gas tax and tolls will go to paying off funds debt after June 30.

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Win a $5,000 Vacation at MATS.

We are so excited to finally present our app and website at MATS booth #74196 but we just got more excited because we’ve been working hard and need a vacation. Yokahama Tire is giving away a $5,000 vacation giveaway at booth #14124! The winner will be announced Saturday March 28th.

Each day they will be giving away iPad Airs. To enter take a selfie and send it to their Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #IamYokohama. For guaranteed goody bags come to our booth #74196 to get some truck shaped stress balls, koozies, beer openers, pens and more!!! Also trust me guys, you’re gonna check out the kick ass app we just developed for you guys.

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Goodyear’s 32nd Highway Hero Will Be Announced At The Mid-America Trucking Show, Read Their Stories.

The reputation of all truck drivers are getting elevated with the stories of these three highway heroes. The three finalists (all truck drivers) are Clinton Blackburn from Morehead Ky, Mack Guffey from Gainesboro Tenn, and David Fredericksen  from Windermere, Fla. All three of these drivers deserve recognition for risking their lives to save others while on the road. Some of their valiant actions include saving a law enforcement officer from being strangled by a prisoner, saving a woman and baby from a burning car and pulling a semi-conscious man out of a burning SUV. Their stories will be further evaluated by truck industry journalist and their decision will be announced Goodyear’s 32nd highway hero Thursday, March 26 at the Mid-America Trucking Show. will be at the Mid-America Trucking Show and we can’t wait to see these heroes win some will deserved awards.

The 32nd highway hero will receive a $5,000 award, a special ring and crystal. The other finalists will also receive cash prizes and other items.


FMCSA Seeks Carrier Input on Raising Liability Insurance, Give Your Input.

Earlier this year the FMCSA  tried to raise the liability insurance above the $750,000 current minimum, but it was shut down by the House of Representatives back in June. The liability insurance minimum has not been changed since 1982, however the ATA states that only 1% of truck related crashes exceeds the $750,000 and would just increase, not only the primary rates, but premium rates as well. They worry that carriers might want to cushion the blow of higher insurance rates with higher freight rates.

The FMCSA are asking carriers 26 “financial responsibility” questions. Here are the topics-

1. Premiums

2. Current Insurance Levels

3. Impacts of Increasing Insurance Coverage

4. Timeline

5. Self-Insurance


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Fair Wages For Drivers! Protesters Victorious

The picketing drivers that serve the Los Angeles and Long Beach ports have become victorious with three of the five trucking companies agreeing to discuss labor disagreements and “resolve outstanding issues.” As a result, the drivers have discontinued their strike and are preparing to sit down and discuss the issues. The trucking companies stated that they “respect drivers’ right to choice with regard to unionization.” The picketing drivers were mainly protesting for fair wages, implicating all six companies of purposely misclassify drivers as independent contractors, which in turn, did not require them to pay drivers as full employees. This would bring the drivers’ paychecks below minimum wage.

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Save Fuel and Money with Simulators

If you could improve your driver fuel efficiency by 5% and save $3,000, wouldn’t you?

The city of Waterloo in Ontario embarked on a fuel-efficiency driver training program and found those results. The simulators are a great way to train drivers without actually wasting any fuel or damaging any trucks. The main focus is proper acceleration and braking techniques. Initially drivers used hard acceleration 8% of the times and hard braking 15% of the time. After the training program it was hard accelerations: 5% and hard braking: 9%

Other Fuel Efficient Techniques and Tips

-Driving 65 mph instead of 55 mph can use 20% more fuel.

-Driving with RPM to high can waste several gallon an hour.

-Improper Shifting

-Proper Shifting

-Rapid Acceleration

-Frequent stops

-Circuitous Routes

Note: This training program is not just for the new drivers but can be used by drivers with years and years of experience. The program does not tell you how to drive but how you are using your fuel and how to optimize it.

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Consumer spending unexpectedly drops

Holiday season is coming and it’s always been a crazy time for the transportation sector, while everyone prepares, we here at LoadSmart wonder how crazy will it really be? Here are some interesting facts that might affect those statistics.

Consumer Spending Falls and Income Rise slows

In August consumer spending rose .5%, although economists expected another rise in consumer spending for September, it actually unexpectedly fell .2%

The Income Average has been rising this year but september has been the slowest month since last year at only a .2% increase.


– Wages are barely keeping up with inflation

– Slowing increase in real estate prices

-Volatile Stock Market.

Will these patterns continue for October, November and December numbers? What are your predictions? For more go to TT>>

Will international truckers come to the US?

Here at LoadSmart we try to stick to national trucking news and information but when searching for top stories, which mainly discuss the issues of the trucking industry and possible solutions, we came across issues in international trucking industry that are even worse then ours. Do issues in international trucking industries affect us?

South African Trucking Issues

After major accidents, including one that took 24 lives in Pinetown, SA last year there has been a campaign to test roadworthiness in trucks show the terrifying realities of the trucking industry in South Africa. The US trucking industry might not be perfect but we wouldn’t fail truck roadworthiness 70 percent of the time. There might be a trucker shortage in the US and we are striving to train truckers better but the amount of unqualified truckers in South Africa is astounding.

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More Women to become truck drivers?

March 5 will be the first ever Women with Drive Leadership Summit in Toronto. The summit is part of a three year plan to immerse women in the trucking industry.

Women in Trucking Campaign Plans

Marketing Campaign

Altering women’s perspective on the trucking industry and seeing truck driving as a viable carrier option.


That will include training and development opportunities

Creating an inclusive environment

Creating procedures that create a better environment for women.

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Companies Raising Wages as Driver Shortage Worsens

The driver shortage has gotten worse with the shortage averaging out to over 214,000 truck drivers. With long haul making up 38% of the $840 billion of the U.S Frieght Market, drivers are crucial. The turnover rate of a truck driver is high for multiple reasons but a fundamental issue is the pay. With trucking companies like Xpress turning down 5,000 to 8,000 orders a week from lack of truck drivers, they finally figured out supply and demand and have raised their driver wages. A truck driver of theirs, who had worked for 17 years is finally getting a raise, planning to make over $60,000 when he would have prior to the raise made $48,000-$55,000. Xpress is not the only trucking company raising driver wages, others include Con-way (who had said they’d be the only ones to raise their wages *cough cough wrong), Celadon group and more. America’s Commercial Transportation Research Co expects a 6% increase in average driver wages this year. For more info go to IBJ>>