Smart Branding to Attract Clients & Drivers

On the road, multiple trucks are blending in with their lack of strategic branding. What turns your head on the road? 1. Good Paint Job and 2. A flashy billboard. Most trucking companies do not want to spend the money on a graphic and artistic designer or a good paint job but it’s truly an investment. Long Haul a trucking company based in Minnesota revamped their look and now people know their brand message and their look. Don’t underestimate the fact that trucks are just mobile billboards. Long Haul Trucking estimates 80% of new drivers are brought in by seeing their cool trucks that feature gunslingers, bulldogs, flames and patriotic red, white & blue motifs. They have branded themselves so well and whenever you see their trucks on the road you know who they are and what they represent.

Another company that has invested in smart branding is Quest Global from Georgia who updated their logo, website, company feel, all social media platforms and so on. They put their designs on all their trucks and they have also noted that it has helped them stand out and has raised driver recruitment. The goal is to stand out, to help people familiarize themselves with not only what you do but who you are, make them want to use your service. It is critical that your graphic and artistic vision sync with your companies message. Know that different designs and colors say completely different things and most likely you will be using those colors and designs for a long time so it should truly represent your company.

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Second port for automobile berth opened in baltimore

The $22 million dollar investment has created a second port in baltimore, where everyone from Chrysler, Mercedes Benz, Ford, Fiat and others use the port in baltimore. The second port is larger, stronger and has capabilities to transfer to rail transportation as well. In 2013 the port handled 750,000 cars and they are striving for 800,000 after the opening of this bigger and better port.The US port of baltimore is ranked number one in the US and second in all of North America. Automotive Logistics>> 

Campaign for public and policymakers to value the trucking industry doing well

In a previous post LoadSmart discussed the lack of appreciation for truckers and the trucking industry in general. The Trucking  Moves America Forward campaign is trying to build the image of the trucking industry, striving for the public and policymakers to truly comprehend the value and importance of the trucking industry. In doing so, the Trucking Moves America Forward campaign might be able to grow an appreciation for truckers and strengthen and evolve the trucking industry.

Trucking Moves America Forward is already 80% funded and lets not undermine the publicity, with more then 25 million impressions in the media, achieving the same long term goal to improve the image of the trucking industry without the money. If this can be intriguing enough to be so marketable for the media then it shows the curiousity and belief in the trucking industry. LoadSmart’s question is, do you believe this campaign will be affective in convincing policymakers and public in the value of the trucking industry?

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Tesla’s New Car available at end of year has auto-pilot mode

Okay, so I know SmartLoad’s LoadBook is more focused on trucking and commercial transportation but lets face it, we are all car fans too. This new Tesla is looking beautiful and although I can’t afford it, it’s cool to know the consumer industry is moving into the future which will inevitably leads to advancements in the commercial automotive industry as well.

More about Tesla’s new Car

-Speed- This completely electric car can hit 60mph in 3.2 seconds.
-Autopilot Mode- use radar to keep you in lane, avoid hitting dog, pedestrians etc.
-Autopilot Mode 2- Park and get your car out of parking spots and drive ways without even having you in it.
-Cost- Base model $71,000 High End $121,000

Trucks of the Future. Not completely trucker-free. Safety ?’s

The New York Times “Wheelies: The Future Truck Edition” gives us the list of all the automotive industries future plans. The Mercedes “Future Truck” would not be trucker free. The trucker would definitely be less hands-on but the trucker would still have to start the truck and merge it on the highway, then the truck would drive itself on the highway.

LoadSmart’s question which was quickly addressed and then dismissed was, if the self-driving trucks like the one Mercedes plans to develop by 2025 are safer or will they actually permit more leniency for truckers to be distracted? What do you guys think about the “self driving” trucks of the future? For other trucks of the future go to New York Times>>