Teamsters Sue To Keep Mexican Carriers Out, Read Both Sides Argument.

Teamsters Argument

The Teamsters union and 2 safety groups filed suit yesterday (March 10) stating the border opening for Mexican Truckers was not justified by congress standards. The pilot only included 13 Mexican carriers, which the U.S. inspector general said was insufficient to conclude Mexican trucks were safe enough to be on U.S. highways.

DOT’sĀ Argument

Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx said the DOT had concluded the border could be safely opened to Mexican drivers after sufficient data from the pilot and another DOT program. The other program had 700 Mexican Owned trucking companies headquartered in the U.S.

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FedEx Freight Locations: To Join The Union or Not?

With 222 drivers the Charlotte, North Carolina Fedex Freight location has the largest amount of drivers. This location has just voted to join the union, altering the number of unionized FedEx Freight drivers to 400 drivers. These drivers come from just three FedEx Freight locations. FedEx Freight has not been shy about its anti-union beliefs saying that workers and management should discuss issues directly. The National Labor Relations Acts specifies that voting on union representation has to occur terminal by terminal and not across an entire company. Three locations have approved unionization, two locations have rejected it and teamsters has withdrawn petitions at three locations. FedEx Freight has 355 locations.

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