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Campaign for public and policymakers to value the trucking industry doing well

In a previous post LoadSmart discussed the lack of appreciation for truckers and the trucking industry in general. The Trucking  Moves America Forward campaign is trying to build the image of the trucking industry, striving for the public and policymakers to truly comprehend the value and importance of the trucking industry. In doing so, the Trucking Moves America Forward campaign might be able to grow an appreciation for truckers and strengthen and evolve the trucking industry.

Trucking Moves America Forward is already 80% funded and lets not undermine the publicity, with more then 25 million impressions in the media, achieving the same long term goal to improve the image of the trucking industry without the money. If this can be intriguing enough to be so marketable for the media then it shows the curiousity and belief in the trucking industry. LoadSmart’s question is, do you believe this campaign will be affective in convincing policymakers and public in the value of the trucking industry?

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