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The future of Distribution Centers w/ Robotization

According to EFT in about ten years, nine out of ten distribution centers will be obsolete. Although SmartLoad does believe in a lot of the technological advances we do not think distribution centers will become irrelevant. Lets discuss the technological advances and the results that EFT believes might cause the dismissal of distribution centers.

Technological advances

Increase demand in e-commerce will change the logistics handling and will require technological and management change for distribution centers. Fun fact in the next ten year the packaging density will increase five to ten.

The technological advances that will disrupt the future of logistics are auto-pilot trucks of the future, TEN-T, and robots in warehouses.

Predictions for distribution centers in the Future

To us, all of these things seem to promote more distribution centers however EFT’s hypothesis is that distribution center’s will be put at strategic points, that they will be larger and that in ten years it will be managed by robots. In the end neither EFT or SmartLoad knows what will come in the future. What do you guys think will come of distribution centers in the future? It is clear that technological will demand better structure of logistics but will there be more distribution centers or will we just start merging? EFT>>

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