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Will international truckers come to the US?

Here at LoadSmart we try to stick to national trucking news and information but when searching for top stories, which mainly discuss the issues of the trucking industry and possible solutions, we came across issues in international trucking industry that are even worse then ours. Do issues in international trucking industries affect us?

South African Trucking Issues

After major accidents, including one that took 24 lives in Pinetown, SA last year there has been a campaign to test roadworthiness in trucks show the terrifying realities of the trucking industry in South Africa. The US trucking industry might not be perfect but we wouldn’t fail truck roadworthiness 70 percent of the time. There might be a trucker shortage in the US and we are striving to train truckers better but the amount of unqualified truckers in South Africa is astounding.

Do you think with the US trucking industry growing larger every month will international truckers come here? iol Motoring>>

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