With New Technologies in Trucking How Will We Backup our Data?

With more and more data being collected and digital connections being formed in the trucking industry, we continue to rely on technology in this industry. Therefore, the question LoadSmart and fleet owners are asking is, how to back up our technology in case of technological gliches or failures? Here are the interesting facts on how the IT guys Sungard Availability Service look at it.

-Different trucking technologies need different backup and protection plans. Some technologies like payroll can be down for two days and its fine but if an entire plant is has a delivery failure because of glitch that needs to have “data replication” because certain trucking technologies can’t be down for even hours.

-The two “key metrics” are knowing 1.what the technology does and 2. how often it is used to determine how to back up it’s data. For more information go to Fleet Owner>>

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