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New mode of transportation, Flying Cars? We are closer than you think.

At the Pioneers Festival in Vienna, the Slovakian company Aeromobil presented their third prototype of what they call “The Most Advanced Flying Car.” Yes, the most advanced meaning that there is more than just one company working on the flying car, some include Terrafugia (based in the US), E-Volo from Germany, and even the EU has a project called MyCopter. This transportation technology is not only advancing its pretty much here. Fun fact, Aeromobil’s flying car only needs 200 meters to take off and 50 to land, no need for airports or long landing strips. The worry, however, are the consequences of over-utilizing this mode of transportation? There are bound to be problems if and when this becomes a popular mode of transportation. However LoadSmart doesn’t believe that the flying car will become too popular too quickly, with a price tag of over a quarter million dollars not many can afford those steep prices. There are still some that can and would invest in this, be prepared to see some flying cars in the near future?

What are your thoughts about the flying car? Also for more information go to Forbes>>

Check out the Aeromobil video>>

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