American Trucking Association (ATA) statistics have shown that the driver retention rate for the first quarter was 92% for large truckload fleets and 78% for smaller carriers. Finding the right truckers for your fleets can be time consuming and has to be done constantly with those retention rates. Finding the right technological software and data can optimize how quick and who you find to be prospective employees. Using automated recruitment tools can bring in the most qualified drivers with 30-40% less processing time.

Which Workflow Management Tools and Analytics to use


automates trucker recruitment process, has great background screens.


automates trucker recruitment process, collects application data and has a digitized signature feature.

SHIPS recruitment workflow-

automates trucker recruitment process, this software helps create & streamline the correct recruitment process for specific carrier.

Maverick’s pre-employment driver qualification tool-

automates trucker recruitment process, helpful for just that, qualification assessment. An extra plus, it is also helpful post-hire with education training programs.

McLead Software’s HirePower-

automates trucker recruitment process- clear steps.

TMW- synergize driver recruitment-

automates trucker recruitment process, online application forms stored with all other required document in a secure data warehouse that can be accessed by fleets.

Collecting Data and the importance of behavioral assessments

Trucking companies using these automated recruitment systems also allow the companies to collect data for future recruitments to see what type of truckers last and are safe. Finding better ways to access the right truckers with data is crucial and its been found that it is more crucial to collect data on current truckers and those that have quit.

We have a lot of assessments being done in the recruitment process of technical skills but how a trucker performs in accordance with safety and retention rates is really only 20% technical and 80% behavioral. Behavioral assessment are extremely undervalued and can most likely help  your retention rate. A company that works on behavioral assessment is JobBehavior


recommends fleets do a behavior assessment at beginning of recruitment (12 minute long survey). The candidate is then scored from 1 to 5 stars.

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