Load One is growing at an annual rate of 22%, these are impressive numbers and Load One believes that it all has to do with keeping their drivers engaged and invested in their company. How do they keep their drivers satisfied and engaged? Here are some tips:

Technology. Technology. Technology

-Personalized Training Program: Using an online training program that is modified for that drivers specific needs. It gets the drivers on the road two days later and makes the driver feel more like an individual than a number.

– Mobile App on the road training: Once they are on the road, Load One still gives them training material on demand through the drivers mobile devices. You don’t have to drag them in the office if they break a safety violation, training automatically commences and they have 48 hours to complete it. Not forcing a driver¬†to come to be reprimanded and educated inefficiently.

-Reward System: Load One uses “Drive for Gold” a reward program that incentivizes the drivers to stay at Load One. They get rewards for safety, birthdays, and every 6 months that they stay at Load One. Drivers who log in to Drive for Gold at least twice a month have a 30% less turnover rate.

-Value their Opinion: Taking Survey about Load One’s facilities is a smart but simple way to show the drivers you care about their opinion, especially if you implement some of the changes.

– Other more commonly known way to satisfy your drivers is with navigation and in-cab scanning & wifi. Load One is also working on converting their entire fleet to automatic transmissions.