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FMCSA Survey Finds Truckers pros and cons to E-Logging

FMCSA found that carrier harassment to truckers using E-Logs is minimal however it still found pros and cons to E-Logging. FMCSA stated that the evidence in the survey does not support the assumption that more harassments are due to logging Hours of Service with E-logs however it does not necessarily find that it doesn’t either.


-More drivers using E-logs reported more frequent instances of harassment, however 95% don’t contribute it to E-logging.

Pros to E-Logging

70% of drivers believe…

1. E-Logging involves less paperwork to fill out.

2. E-Logging is time efficient and makes it easier to comply with hours.

3. Enhances relationships with fleet managers.

Cons to E-logging

More than 50% of drivers believe…

1. They give their fleet manager to much insight (no privacy).

2. E-Logging hinders them from doing their jobs the way they want to.

3. It makes them less Independence.

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