If you could improve your driver fuel efficiency by 5% and save $3,000, wouldn’t you?

The city of Waterloo in Ontario embarked on a fuel-efficiency driver training program and found those results. The simulators are a great way to train drivers without actually wasting any fuel or damaging any trucks. The main focus is proper acceleration and braking techniques. Initially drivers used hard acceleration 8% of the times and hard braking 15% of the time. After the training program it was hard accelerations: 5% and hard braking: 9%

Other Fuel Efficient Techniques and Tips

-Driving 65 mph instead of 55 mph can use 20% more fuel.

-Driving with RPM to high can waste several gallon an hour.

-Improper Shifting

-Proper Shifting

-Rapid Acceleration

-Frequent stops

-Circuitous Routes

Note: This training program is not just for the new drivers but can be used by drivers with years and years of experience. The program does not tell you how to drive but how you are using your fuel and how to optimize it.

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