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How to use Technology to Prevent Delays in Holiday Deliveries

Last year the boost in demand for holiday shipments was unprecedented. Cyber Monday saw a 20.6% jump in online retail sales and the last weekend before Christmas saw a 37% increase in online sales (compared to the year before). Amazingly, online sales are expected to rise even more this year. FedEx expects an 8.8% increase in holiday shipping and UPS expects an 11% increase. Last year with bad weather and unexpected demand, shippers were unprepared to meet the expected dates of many deliveries leaving many consumers disappointed. Will shippers be prepared this year?

Only time will tell, but technology expected to be used more frequently, and frankly should have been used last year, is real time operation optimization technology. This technology helps companies manage fleets properly in real time. With up to date changes that take in to consideration all variables from bad weather to equipment failures, while also lowering fuel costs and providing excellent customer service. Real Time Operation Optimization shows you how realistic your current goals are and how to maximize your resources to reach your end goal.

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