On the road, multiple trucks are blending in with their lack of strategic branding. What turns your head on the road? 1. Good Paint Job and 2. A flashy billboard. Most trucking companies do not want to spend the money on a graphic and artistic designer or a good paint job but it’s truly an investment. Long Haul a trucking company based in Minnesota revamped their look and now people know their brand message and their look. Don’t underestimate the fact that trucks are just mobile billboards. Long Haul Trucking estimates 80% of new drivers are brought in by seeing their cool trucks that feature gunslingers, bulldogs, flames and patriotic red, white & blue motifs. They have branded themselves so well and whenever you see their trucks on the road you know who they are and what they represent.

Another company that has invested in smart branding is Quest Global from Georgia who updated their logo, website, company feel, all social media platforms and so on. They put their designs on all their trucks and they have also noted that it has helped them stand out and has raised driver recruitment. The goal is to stand out, to help people familiarize themselves with not only what you do but who you are, make them want to use your service. It is critical that your graphic and artistic vision sync with your companies message. Know that different designs and colors say completely different things and most likely you will be using those colors and designs for a long time so it should truly represent your company.

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