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How to Create of Disaster or Disruption Sustainability Plan

85% of supply chains went through at least one significant disruption in 2013. This makes it crucial to have a plan in place, having back ups for constant critical functions is key

Constructing a Sustainability Plan


  • Know your company, what are the crucial systems, products, and services.

Developing the Plan

  •  Think about both physical and technological issues that might deter you.
  • Know the probability of these disruptions occurring, which of these are a must plan.
  •  Have a decision making chain of command.
  •  Outline your process and contacts, know how long it should take you to implement the plan.
  •  Know how, when, and where to replicate data.
  •  Figure out and contact the people and resources needed outside the company.

Practicing and Using the Sustainability Plan-

  • Basic Internal Plan, people should know who to contact and the dos and don’ts.
  •  Who are the key players and have them fully trained.
  • The people higher up in the company should approve of the sustainability plan.
  • Install needed software/hardware

For more specific instruction on planning go to Inbound Logistics>> 

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