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Problem Replacing Our Aging Workforce, the Avg Age of a Trucker Has Risen

ATRI Data does not lie and it looks like the youths are not very interested in entering the trucking industry. In 2013 the average age of a truck driver was 46.5 and 52 in the private sector. A theory as to why 20-24 year olds comprise only 4.9% of the trucking industry is the CDL age minimum of 21, which leave a three year gap after high school for potential drivers to discover other careers. There are also certain sectors in the trucking industry that have a 25 age minimum which leave an even larger gap.

Percentage of Drivers in the Trucking Industry By Age

Truckers between 25-34 years old has gone down from 30.4% to 15.6% in 20 years.

Truckers between 55-64 years old has gone up from 9.1% to 20.1% in the last 20 years.



Graph By ATRI


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