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Congress has Suspended HOS Rule

Although it is temporary and will most likely not last this suspension in HOS rule has mixed reviews with the ATA and department of transportation on opposing sides.

DOT Gets Rid of Requirement for Drivers to Fill Out Daily Reports That Costs Us $1.7B

Starting December 18th truck drivers will no longer have to file daily reports pre- and post- trip inspection. Getting rid of this rule will save the trucking industry $1.7 billion and 46.7 million hours a year.

15 Days Before Christmas: Tips For Winter Driving By Ryder System Inc.

Ryder Systems Inc has got some helpful tips for truck fleets this winter from basic tips like regenerating the engine when the lights come on and not letting your trucking idle to more advanced tips.

The 6 Things Shippers Look For in Freight Brokers

From how you choose your carriers to your strategic business model check out the 6 things shippers ask freight brokers before doing business with them.

9 important things to ask when shopping around for commercial auto insurance.

Broken down into three categories: Claims, Service and Coverage. It is the need to know when shopping for commercial auto insurance.

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