What to Expect in the Trucking Industry For 2015

1. Worsening Driver Shortage. (lower driver standards, carrier mergers, driver pay increase and incentives.)

2. Tightening Capacity and Increase Use of Private Fleets.

3. Improving Productivity with Trucking Technology.

4, Debating Autonomous Trucks.

5. Surge in Truck Orders Will Change Wait Times.

6. Global Economic Crisis Could Effect the U.S.

7. Congress Must Find Answers to Fund Infrastructure by May.

8. More Scrutiny of Driver Screening.

9. Increase use of Telematics Devices.

10. Downsizing to Medium Duty Fleets.

11. Fuel Economy Technology.

12.  Constant Changes in Manufacturing and Supply Chain.

13. E-logging and HOS mandates.

14. CSA Changes.

15. More FMCSA regulations.

For Specifics go to Trucking Info>>

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