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Truckers Against Trafficking has Recently Recruited Michigan Police and Virginia Trucking Association

Truckers Against Trafficking is a non-profit established in 2011. They have many influential partners and sponsors including Ryders, FreightLiner, Volvo, Con-Way, and Walmart. On their website they have not only a vague and impossible to achieve mission statement but definite goals that are possible to reach. Goals that are currently being reached.

  • Marshal the resources of the trucking industry to combat this crime.
  • Partner with law enforcement to facilitate the investigation of human trafficking.

They have recently partnered with the Michigan State Police. The partnership will result in training to all state police motor carrier officers, working with truck stop managers directly, and ultimately train drivers, carriers, and travel plaza managers on how to deal with this issue when it comes up.

Truckers Against Trafficking has also recently partnered with the Virginia Trucking Association. They already have 33 states trucking associations working with them. The VTA has pledged to raise awareness with all of it member companies and to assist law enforcement, among other thing.

It is our duty to be informed about the terrible crimes that unfortunately surround us and more important it is our duty to take action when presented the opportunity.

For more on this incredible non-profit go to Truckers Against Trafficking 

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