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U.S. Fuel Prices Are Rising But Diesel Is Not As Sensitive To Price Swings

The EIA has concluded that this rise is a result of a global oil market that has become far more sensitive to price swings but should diesel consumers be as worried as gasoline consumers?

This week gases prices went up in all regions while diesel prices only increased in 5, while declining in 4. The national average for gasoline went up 12.3¢ while diesel’s average only went up 4/10th of a penny.

The biggest one week jump in diesel happened on the west coast with an increase of 3.8¢ bringing their average diesel prices to $2.924. Diesel is over the $3 per gallon market in California $3.061 (up 3.4¢ ), New England $3.039 (up 1.1¢) , and Central Atlantic $3.042 (up 1/10 of a penny).

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