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Loadsmart Talks API at Python South

Loadsmart was the gold sponsor of Python South conference in Florianopolis, Brazil. Promoting Python as a programming language, the conference brings together the various communities in South Brazil.

As the region rapidly expands its reputation as a technology hub with a strong local Python community, our team joined in and shared its knowledge.

Klaus Laube, Loadsmart software engineer, presented Loadsmart’s case in the lecture API First Design, explaining how Loadsmart leverages APIs to distribute its pricing for truckload shipping in the US. His take-away: while an API First Design is a popular approach that provides best practices across industries and companies that prioritize a better developer experience, it’s also of strategic importance to the business.


The Loadsmart team at Python South.

The API paradigm

At times, as developers focus on technology, algorithms and tools, and give minor importance to the end user, losing sight of the real purpose when building solutions. All developers should think about leveraging the same user-centric principles that usually mobile and front-end developers adopt: how does the user think; how will the solution work for this person; and how can we improve the user experience.

API First is similar but applied to backend API developers with the idea to treat the developer as an essential user and build a solution around his/her needs. In doing so, the company is better engaging the developer community which allows the company’s product to increase its audience.

This approach of focusing on APIs as a means to distribute a product widely and act as a valuable engagement channel has made a strategic difference to Loadsmart. It has enabled the team to engage in multiple partnerships that helped scale the business.

A few final takeaways:

  • API First is not about picking technology
  • API contracts should be the single source of truth
  • Consider using older spec versions
  • Write code that writes code.

You can review the full presentation here.

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