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Loadsmart CEO addresses transport capacity shortages at Automotive Logistics Supply Chain Conference

Technology is transforming the automotive and logistics industries. But for many supply chain managers the biggest headaches are still the most familiar ones, such as driver and transport capacity shortages, lost containers, poor forecasting and incomplete visibility. Just this morning, The Wall Street Journal featured how Deere & Co. is raising equipment prices to make up for rising freight transport costs. The equipment maker is a host of U.S. manufacturers reporting rising expenses as a growing U.S. economy drives up prices for materials and shipping.

Ricardo Salgado

Ricardo Salgado, CEO, Loadsmart

How can IT and software solutions help to overcome these perennial pain points today, not just in the future.

Ricardo Salgado, Loadsmart CEO, together with client Daimler Trucks North America and panel members from Honda, Ryder Supply chain Solutions, Surgere, Toyota, will explain how companies can clear some of these bottlenecks right now by putting IT in the driving seat – and where the biggest gains are actually to be found.

Some of the topics for debate:

  • Mitigating driver and transport capacity shortages
  • Packaging and returnable container management optimization
  • Network and transport mode engineering
  • Holistic supply chain planning and purchasing

If you will be at the Automotive Logistics Supply Chain Conference, join Joanne Perry, editor Automotive Logistics and the panel on Tuesday at 2pm for session 3: Clearing the bottlenecks.

To find out more about how we can help you address transport capacity shortages, email us.


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