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How Integrated Dock Scheduling Improves On-time Service and Eliminates Traditional Scheduling Bottlenecks

Does this sound familiar? Time-consuming, manual scheduling that requires several phone calls and emails just to confirm a single appointment. And after spending all that time, you find out the driver’s ETA has changed, forcing you to spend even more time rescheduling the appointment.

In this on-demand webinar join Loadsmart’s VP of Product, Hunter Yaw, and Opendock’s Bob La Loggia, CEO, to learn:

  • How integrating Loadsmart’s Smart Scheduling technology with Opendock’s centralized dock management software helps remove friction and streamline your appointment scheduling process
  • How Loadsmart can instantly select and book the best possible appointment by using artificial intelligence to analyze travel time and other factors
  • How appointements can be rescheduled automatically based on changes to a driver’s ETA
  • How you can immediately benefit from a substantial improvement in on-time performance and lower rates

How to get started

Loadsmart wants to help you use technology to simplify and streamline what has historically been a time-consuming, complicated process, which is why we are excited about our recently announced technical and strategic partnership with Opendock.

If you are….

  1. An existing Loadsmart and Opendock customer: contact your Loadsmart Account Executive to enable the integration.
  2. Interested in learning more about Loadsmart: sign up for free at loadsmart.com or email sales@loadsmart.com.
  3. Interested in learning more about Opendock: sign up in seconds at Opendock.com or email sales@opendock.com

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