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Loadsmart First Look Weekly Market Recap for Aug 17 – Aug 23.

Join Loadsmart’s Director of Carrier Sales, Jordan Abrams, for less than 60 seconds as he breaks down what happened last week and what to expect this week in the freight market.

This is a weekly series that brings the insights we use to get your shipments from A to B from our carrier sales floor to your home office.

What we saw last week

  • Volumes remain high, rejections stay strong and capacity is limited! 
  • It was another week in a challenging market and another record in volumes.
  • They have increased 19% MoM and just under 50% from past years. Without any signs of slowing down..
  • The National rejection rate had another large increase to over 23% from 21% at the beginning of the week. 
  • OB LA and NJ ports remain busy as the influx of container activity remains high

What to expect this week

  • We expect rejections to continue to climb past 2018 – I think we can expect to see levels over 25%. 
    • When can we expect this to slow down? Best guess: 2021!
  • We have Labor Day on the horizon and Roadcheck Week in mid- September. These events will absolutely have decrease capacity nationwide effects and increased rates. 
  • Gear up and set shipper expectations early!

Stay Up to Date

With all the latest weekly and monthly market insights on our Youtube page. Questions about anything you saw? Email sales@loadsmart.com and let’s talk about how we can help you take advantage of real-time market conditions.

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