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Loadsmart First Look Weekly Market Recap for Sep 1 – Sep 6.

Loadsmart’s Director of Carrier Sales, Jordamn Abrams, breaks down what happened last week and what to expect this week in the freight market for less than 60 seconds.

This is a weekly series that brings the insights we use to get your shipments from A to B from our carrier sales floor to your home office.

What we saw last week

  • Really? Much of the same – Tender Volumes continue to increase and reaching 56% greater levels than last year.
  • Rejections are at 26% lead the way with RFR rejections sitting just under 39%
  • RFR freight is tight across the nation 
  • Tropical storm Laura had less of an impact to the freight market as expect. Although S LA did take on major damage with other markets taking on flooding and road closures.

What to look out for this week

  • Labor Day week is here. Expect a whole weeks worth of freight to ship in four days along with this years DOT Road check week. We call this a Double whammy! Expect capacity to tighten and rates to increase.
  • The major markets will be tight especially southern call, ATL, eastern PA and Houston.
  • Don’t take your eye off the weather forecast caused Hurricane season continues through November. Retail season soon follow  so don’t expect capacity to loosen anytime soon!

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