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Loadsmart First Look Weekly Market Recap for Sep 14 – Sep 20.

Loadsmart’s Director of Carrier Sales, Jordan Abrams, reminds us all to grab our sweaters and put the tea kettle because we’re heading into fall while breaking down what happened last week and what to expect this week in the freight market in less than 60 seconds.

This is a weekly series that brings the insights we use to get your shipments from A to B from our carrier sales floor to your home office.

What We Saw Last Week

Coming out of the holiday week, volumes saw their traditional decrease but jumped back in line to current trends. Rejections consistently decreased through last week. 

Don’t be fooled by these decreases, volume is still at record levels, major markets still sit at 20% rejections and rates are at all time highs

Sally made landfall early in the week as a category 2 Hurricane. Capacity was limited within S LA, AL and GA as capacity was allocated away from the storm. 

What To Expect This Week

The Wildfires in the West Coast are causing some capacity constraints within the PacNW. Expect finding capacity to be a challenge.

With EOQ and EOM around the corner we expect much of the usual. Capacity will be limited and Shippers will push volume to close the quarterly books.

Take last week’s rejection decreases with a grain of salt – As we enter into the back half of September. Retail and seasonal produce will be picking up.

Stay Up to Date

With all the latest weekly and monthly market insights on our Youtube page. Questions about anything you saw? Email sales@loadsmart.com and let’s talk about how we can help you take advantage of real-time market conditions.

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