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A Note To Our Carriers – May 2021

We live in a data-driven world and logistics is no exception. Over the past few years, an influx of freight publications and data aggregators have provided much needed actionable information to help carriers, shippers and brokers. Yet, I tend to believe the stories buried deep within these sources–and sometimes lost when thrown together as part of a trend line on a chart–are equally as important if you want to truly understand what is happening in the freight markets.

I recently spoke to a good friend of mine and Loadsmart preferred carrier about his strategy to grow his 12 truck operation. “Jim, there are simply no trucks to buy.” He explained that new orders wouldn’t be delivered until 2022 and used trucks are in such scarce supply that anything available has less than 500K miles. It would be a tremendous feat to seat drivers with that type of equipment. Rather, he is relocating his company to a more business-friendly state (Tennessee) to take advantage of lower costs and gain a competitive edge.

At Loadsmart, it is important that we listen to our carriers. At the end of the day, the products and tools we build are with you in mind. And it’s conversations like the one I just recently had with my friend that help us discover what’s on your mind. Our mission is simple: to help you move more with less. Less friction for your team. Less burden to load your trucks. Less cost to operate your business. Let us help you move with less.

Your voice gives us the perspective we need to reimagine how brokers and carriers work better together. That’s why this month we’re launching Carrier Spark; a monthly newsletter meant to spark a conversation to ensure we hear you. I’ll share what we hear from other carriers and are learning from the market each month, and invite you to let us know what’s on your mind. This is the beginning of a new chapter in the way we engage and, most importantly, listen to our carriers. 

If you’ve enjoyed these insights and have questions or comments, start a conversation with us on your loadboard, resource center, or send an email to capacitydevelopment@loadsmart.com 


Looking forward to hearing from you ,

VP, Operations, Loadsmart


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