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A Note To Our Carriers – June 2021

To Our Carriers,

This month I’m thinking about how important it is to build strong relationships in this industry that stretch far beyond moving a load to its final destination. Too often I see others boil down the barometer of success to a single metric: gross margin. Sure, margins are important to operate and grow your business. But our role in the partnership with carriers has to go much deeper for everyone to be successful. 

Our mission is to do whatever it takes to help you grow and operate your business throughout the different market cycles. This means building products and tools to make your lives easier and leveraging technology to remove waste from your operations. This means listening to you to understand the problems that are pertinent for us to solve for our carriers. This means providing insights and commentary on important topics to help you build resiliency in your business. 

Last month we launched Carrier Spark; a monthly newsletter meant to spark a conversation to ensure we hear you. This month, the two articles in the June Spark newsletter focus around an increasingly complex regulatory environment and building resiliency by expanding to new service modes that will grow in demand as a result of better mode optimization.

If you’ve enjoyed these insights and have questions or comments, start a conversation with us on your loadboard, resource center, or send an email to capacitydevelopment@loadsmart.com 


Looking forward to hearing from you ,

VP, Operations, Loadsmart


About Loadsmart

We are industry veterans and data-scientists using innovative technology to fearlessly reinvent the future of freight. As the ‘nerds of logistics’, we seek intelligence in data to solve deep-rooted inefficiencies in the industry. We give shippers, brokers and carriers access to our data connections (linking supply and demand) and suite of award-winning solutions to strike the perfect balance of cost and service. We’re creating a more efficient and environmentally responsible way to move more with less. For more information, please visit: https://loadsmart.com

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