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Don’t Play by the Brokerage Book: You Can Now Bid OR Book

Some prominent platforms in the market today set load pricing based solely on algorithms, locking carriers into those prices and blocking them from negotiating a rate that works for them. That doesn’t work for our carriers, which means it doesn’t work for us.

Negotiating a mutually agreed-upon price is a basic tenet of doing business, and your broker, whether it’s a digital brokerage like Loadsmart or a more traditional broker, should provide the opportunity to negotiate rates.

Today, you can find the ability to “Book” OR “Bid” on loads on our loadboard:


Here’s how:
  1. Access the Loads App or Loadboard
  2. Click BID on the load you’re interested in located right next to where you’ve in the past clicked Book
  3. Toggle between(+) or (-) buttons to change the rate and click “Place bid” when you’ve named your price
  4. We take a few seconds to analyze the offer, if accepted click on “Accept offer” on the pop up at the top of the screen
    • You have 15 minutes to accept the offer and confirm the booking
  5. If the bid is rejected, just click on the BID button and place other bid again
We are in the business of helping our carrier partners build their fleets. This feature will help you better: 
    • Identify loads that can be negotiated (e.g. need driver assistance, delivery location)
    • Negotiate appointments that fit your interests
    • Communicate and stay true to your operating costs 
    • Get a feel for the market (e.g. demand on a lane)
    • Build stronger relationships with your broker
Keep in mind:
    • It’s not an auction, you will receive an instant answer for their offer
    • You can bid as many times as you want
    • It’s almost real-time, to ensure they won’t miss good loads they want to negotiate on
    • You already negotiate via emails–this is much faster and easier
    • You can bid on many loads at the same time

If you’ve enjoyed these insights and have questions or comments, start a conversation with us on your loadboard, resource center, or send an email to capacitydevelopment@loadsmart.com 



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