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New update allows carriers to include their minimum desired rate to maximize visibility on preferred lanes

Many people prefer to shop online rather than in-store because it’s supposed to save you time. You no longer have to travel to a store and back; instead you only need a few seconds to get from your bedroom to your laptop in the living room. That being said, some people actually spend more time than they would otherwise; instead of going to a specific department in a store, for example, you are now confronted with an infinite list of items that fall short of your preferences. To get what you need or want now takes more time, and carriers are faced with this situation every day with online loadboards.  

They know digital loadboards can save them time as compared to going directly to a broker with phone calls and emails, but the infinite list of loads takes time to search through, making finding a load they want that much harder to do. In short, the loadboard only lives up to its promise to save you time (and money) if you can streamline your search in the way that you normally do in-store. When we talk to carriers, the overwhelming majority express the need for additional customization fields that allow them to filter by a minimum desired rate on preferred lanes.


When a carrier identifies a preferred lane, they’ll be prompted to tell us their minimum desired rate in one-click. This field can be adjusted, added, or deleted at any time under the preferred lanes tab in your account, allowing for a very flexible loadboard that moves with the market.

Being able to include your desired rate in your search allows us to sort through the long list for you – making your search quick and easy. Now carriers can filter by desired rates, pickup locations, equipment type, etc. – offering a dynamic search process. Your loadboard shouldn’t make you work – your loadboard works for you.

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