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Beyond Rates: Start Considering CO2 Emissions When Awarding Contracts

Business leaders in boardrooms around the world are setting new environmental standards as governments and regulators incentivize companies to reduce their impact on the planet, and in some cases, penalizing those who don’t. `

It’s been widely determined that the main driver of our changing climate is the emission of greenhouse gases, specifically, carbon dioxide (CO2). Increasingly, companies are taking steps to measure these emissions and work toward their commitments to reduce their carbon footprint, with a goal of being carbon free or carbon neutral in the coming years.

How it works

With a recent update to RFP Guide, we are helping shippers make environmentally friendly decisions by providing an estimate of the CO2 emissions on a given published RFP. The estimate takes into account weight, miles, and equipment being used – details that are typically included in RFPs – creating no extra work for shippers. When weight is unavailable, RFP Guide will calculate the emissions using an average that can be found in your lane settings. Shippers have the option to change their average weight, as well as turning the feature on and off.

This feature is intended to help give shippers all the information they need to make the best decisions for their company, to reduce emissions and the negative impacts CO2 can have on the environment.

What’s Next

An upcoming feature will include actionable insights for shippers-to help make reaching goals easier. Shippers will soon have the opportunity to change their RFP in order to meet CO2 reduction targets.


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