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Give Carriers Flexibility During The RFP Process With New Lane by Lane Acceptance Feature

As we have all heard before, the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted nearly every aspect of the supply chain. Several goods and services are in short supply, and many logistics professionals are unsure of when things may seem “normal” again.

This notion of uncertainty has become apparent across the board in our industry, leaving many feeling overwhelmed by the mere lack of time. Namely, both shippers and carriers have been faced with some sort of ‘time shortage,” feeling like they can never get ahead. This exact challenge was at top-of-mind when adding a new feature to our RFP Guide.

With little access to excess time, shippers and carriers need products that provide them with efficient solutions to the problems they face. Before a recent update to RFP Guide, many carriers found themselves wanting, or needing to accept individual lanes within a given awarded contract, not the whole thing. However, this has not been an option. When this problem would occur carriers were forced to contact our team to get help with this, creating additional time-consuming, manual work during an already tedious and time-consuming RFP process. Carriers would find themselves wasting time – that they didn’t have. 


RFP Guide now offers a new feature that allows carriers to accept or reject lanes individually or in batches, depending on their needs. When a carrier is awarded a contract, they will be able to view the contract lane by lane. Carriers can simply check the boxes for the lanes they want to accept. Or, for those carriers interested in accepting all lanes, there is a “accept all lanes and submit” button that will continue to allow you to quickly accept the entire contract. 


This new process can give carriers one centralized location, to complete their work, hassle-free. Giving your carriers the freedom and flexibility to select lanes that best fit their objectives can help build better relationships, save everyone time, and reduce extra manual work.

Learn more about RFP Guide here.


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