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Dock Scheduling Services Help Paint a Clear Picture of What Your Staffing Plan Should Look Like

One of the biggest challenges of the past year for many companies has been hiring and retaining talent. And, those that operate any type of shipping dock are no exception. The job market is very tight, and with all the extra stress placed on supply chains in general right now, staffing up the shipping dock can be difficult at best for a lot of businesses. 

So, while we often discuss the many benefits of dock scheduling software as they relate to operating efficiency, it’s a good time to describe the significant benefits to companies from a staffing perspective as well.

Making the Most of the Resources You Have

A connected shipping dock that is working efficiently with logistics planning, production, and carriers is in the best position to build strong staffing plans that make the optimal use of the team it has available. Dock scheduling software provides a clear view of what’s happening now and in the future so managers can always ensure there is the right number of people on hand to get the necessary work done.

Few shipping docks operate at the same pace and through-put ALL the time, so having a reliable view of those ebbs and flows is an effective way to match staffing (especially when it is limited) to keep up with the work that needs to be done.

Overall Company Optimization

The opposite is possible, too. Having a clearer picture of the dock’s workload enables companies to cut down on other costs by making sure it’s not overstaffed when there is less freight volume moving in or out. The challenge of finding staff likely extends to other parts of the company as well, so having this knowledge makes it possible to reassign employees to other tasks and departments as needed.

Employer and Employee Expectations

The last 20+ months have been exceptional from a staffing standpoint in a lot of industries. Recently, however,  U.S. unemployment levels have returned to near pre-pandemic levels. That’s great news for employees and the economy, but a challenge for shipping docks.

Near full-employment means companies have to compete harder to find and retain good employees. And, a big part of that is creating a better employee experience. Employees want to feel valued and respected. Dock scheduling software helps companies do that. With better staff plans there can be fewer call-ins, or the need to ask employees to stay late unexpectedly. Employees with consistent work schedules they can plan their lives around are happier, which is extra important right now.

Staffing Issues Are Not Going Away

The projections are that labor shortages and wage growth will continue in 2022. This means employers need to remain diligent and proactive when it comes to dealing with any staffing issues they’re having. For companies that operate a shipping dock, adding scheduling software is not just about making the operation run smoother—it can be an unexpected tool for helping to retain and attract better employees. Visit www.opendock.com to learn more.


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