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#ICYMI: June Product Updates!

📩 Notifications to add preferred lanes based on recurring searches and bids.

In Loadsmart’s Loads App, we now identify lanes that you frequently search or bid on, and proactively send a notification that asks if you would like to add it as a Preferred Lane. By adding it as a Preferred Lane you will be notified when loads become available – making it faster and easier to get the lanes you want most. For this update, we will only send notifications via the app, and only for folks that don’t already have that lane added as a Preferred Lane.

When we know it’s time to ask if you would like add a lane as a Preferred Lane:

After you search or bid three times on the same lane, in the span of 3 weeks.

What it looks like:


🚛 Differentiated load recommendations based on carrier capacity data.

Under the Recommended Loads section in the app, and using our algorithm we will give you load recommendations aligned with your history and preferences. This feature differs from the Preferred Lane feature above because it uses your shared capacity data to find recommendations, rather than requiring you to select lanes that you favor. It is important to continue sharing your capacity data with our team, or products, to continuously receive the most optimal lanes in your Recommended Loads section.

What it looks like:


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