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Finding Technology & Services that Meet Customers Where They Are

By Robb Porter, EVP of Managed Transportation

During FreightWaves’ Future of Freight event, my colleague, Art Cady, Director of Digital Sales, and I demonstrated Loadsmart’s tool for centralized capacity planning, procurement, execution and data insights while also introducing the audience to our newly established Managed Transportation Services capabilities.  

Our demonstration illustrated the life of a load as it traveled through not only our leading shipper technology, ShipperGuide, but also our carrier truck management system, Carrier TMS, and our Opendock scheduling application.   

Technology & Services that Meet Our Customers Where They Are

Currently, the market is characterized by shippers who are utilizing poorly configured, antiquated technology that was deployed more than a decade ago. These technologies don’t support the stark realities of today’s unpredictable and volatile transportation environment. 

Loadsmart’s freight technology and logistics services meet shippers, carriers, and warehouses where they are, whether that means solutions that augment legacy applications and processes or serving those shippers who are seeking end-to-end solutions. 

During the demonstration we highlighted a few key aspects: (i) the ease of use and (ii) simplicity for shippers utilizing our centralized platform, ShipperGuide.  A few other key attributes we spoke to include: 

  • All carrier spot bid communication flows through our simple and easy to use interface. 
  • Shippers can plan all of their contract freight needs right in the same tool as their spot procurement and execution with ShipperGuide
  • Easily import and export lanes and carriers and review historical data like carrier response rates and all active and upcoming lanes
  • ShipperGuide also has a facility address book which allows shippers to easily save all of their pickup and delivery facilities’ address, contact information, hours, and appointment policy in one centralized place.
Loadsmart Managed Transportation Services

We ended our demonstration by speaking to our Managed Transportation Services, where we leverage our logistics experts to meet shippers where they are, either by supplementing their operations or through full outsourced solutions. 

Shippers come to Loadsmart interested in our technology, but the reality is that they are trying to solve a specific set of problems. Our team of logistics and transportation experts engage with and tailor customized solutions and services for our shippers immediate and emerging requirements leveraging our end-to-end technology platform.

At Loadsmart, our mission is simple. Combine cutting edge technology with deep industry expertise to enable our shipper, carrier and warehouse partners to move more with less.

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Transforming the future of freight, Loadsmart leverages technology and logistics data to build efficiency around how freight is priced, booked and shipped. Pairing comprehensive logistics technology with deep-seated freight industry expertise, Loadsmart fuels business growth, simplifies operations and increases efficiency for carriers and shippers alike. For more information, please visit: https://loadsmart.com. Move more with less.


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