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ShipperGuide: Freight management software empowering shippers to plan, procure & execute freight in one place

The key to a quick, seamless procurement stage is knowing what you are capable of, understanding where you may need help, and learning what resources you can add to benefit your operations. If you do identify that you need help, adding technology and service to your shipping operations can maximize efficiency and costs. 

Adding technology is how companies maintain control of variables that disrupt a planned shipment, including providing alternatives (such as instant price discovery) when things don’t go as expected. It’s protection from the unexpected. To provide protection to shippers, Loadsmart has introduced a new freight management software, ShipperGuide, to combat these unexpected scenarios. Within ShipperGuide, shippers can find offerings including, brokerage services & procurement tools, to streamline their shipping operations. 


ShipperGuide empowers shippers of all sizes to plan, procure and execute freight in one place. That means a single portal to manage upcoming shipment requirements, get spot and contract rates, identify high-performing carriers, and tender and track loads from pickup to delivery. Shippers can expect to maximize cost savings, increase flexibility, and build plans that actually work. 


ShipperGuide is a cloud-based freight management software where shippers can self-serve their transportation needs, differentiating it from a TMS. ShipperGuide’s unified interface allows shippers to not only quote spot lanes like they previously could utilizing Loadsmart’s website, but they can now quote contracted lanes as part of the premium account – and limited access for free users. 

To allow shippers to utilize their trusted carrier network, ShipperGuide is a carrier-agnostic platform – meaning shippers can invite as many carriers from their own network as they would like, to bid on their lanes. Carriers can interact with the shipper through Loadsmart’s carrier platform to bid on their preferred, or all lanes. Shippers then review and award the carriers they want to run their lane(s). ShipperGuide also gives shippers the ability to analyze their carrier’s performance – shippers have access to data such as, the number of invitations sent, carrier’s response rate, number of bids, lanes awarded and more!

There are many other added features of ShipperGuide, including bulk upload of shipments, bulk invitations to carriers for them to bid on, as well as the ability to track your loads inside the ShipperGuide dashboard. 

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