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A Few Myths About Your Shipping Dock You Should Ignore to Become a Shipper of Choice

A big part of what trucking companies think about a company is shaped by what happens on the shipping dock. So, for shippers looking to improve their status as a ‘Shipper of Choice’ with carriers, making pick-up and delivery smoother is an obvious place to start.

For some shippers, however, doing so can require a new way of thinking. Many hold onto ideas about what they think carriers want that may be wrong. Their intentions may be good, but their actions are working against their status as a shipper of choice, and they don’t even realize it.

Here are three common myths many shippers believe in regarding their carriers that can be detrimental to their relationships, and some advice on how a shipper can become a shipper of choice through better processes on their shipping docks. 

Myth #1 – The More Detention, the Better, If the Carrier Is Getting Paid

If you think about how expensive some detention invoices are, it’s easy to assume that detention is a source of profit for carriers. After all, why would a carrier mind waiting when they are getting paid?

The truth is, even with detention fees being up to $250 per hour, carriers would rather NOT be sitting and waiting. Carriers (and their drivers) make money when they are on the road since most loads are billed based on a per-mile rate. A truck waiting to be loaded or unloaded is an underutilized asset for the carrier, even at $250 an hour.

To help build a company’s status as a shipper of choice, docks need to do whatever they can to avoid dwell time for their carriers. Tools like dock scheduling technology help shippers be more efficient on their docks and eliminate detention, which benefits them and their carriers.

Myth #2 – Carriers Hate Appointments

Similar to shippers, carriers are all about operating efficiently. For carriers, operating efficiency is about getting their drivers back on the road after a stop. They also like the certainty of when things will happen – like when they can pick up or deliver a shipment. It’s wrong to assume carriers want the flexibility to show up whenever they want because appointments help them plan their next moves.

This makes some shippers who operate under first-come, first-serve shipping docks frustrating to work with. For the carriers, first-come, first-serve adds uncertainty to their planning which can drive down their operating efficiency. Shippers of choice make it easy for their carriers to make (and even change) appointment times by using dock scheduling software so they can minimize dwell time and have carriers be on their way.

Myth #3 - Carriers Don’t Want to Use Technology

As we pointed out, the first two myths can be largely overcome using technology. Unfortunately, the belief that trucking companies often avoid adopting technology is holding some shippers back from using tech for their dock scheduling processes.

This is not true. No business that is as focused on efficiency as carriers have to be will avoid using technology for the sake of sticking to what they’re used to. The ability to make and change driver appointments online is a game-changer for carriers.

Offering online dock scheduling to trucking companies makes things easier for them while also creating more efficiency for your shipping operation. It helps keep drivers moving and on the road, while strengthening your position as a shipper of choice.

Being a shipper of choice is easier with the right technology. Remember, any tech that can help carriers operate more efficiently is welcomed. And the same technology provides many benefits to the shipping dock as well, including better employee resource management, and fewer detention fees.

Are you looking to become a shipper of choice? Ignore these myths and consider a dock scheduling software. To learn more about how dock scheduling software can help, explore Opendock!

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