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Find the Optimal Award Scenario for your RFPs with New Feature in ShipperGuide...

If you are a logistics professional, you are likely familiar with the challenges that come with creating a Request for Proposal (RFP), sourcing the best carriers, and managing bids from multiple providers. Companies seeking to optimize their routing guide often turn to the RFP process to find the best providers. However, partnering with the right freight provider is only half the battle - companies must also determine the optimal award scenario for their RFP.

Choosing the Optimal Award Scenario

So, how do companies determine the optimal award scenario for their RFP? The answer lies in understanding their specific supply chain needs and requirements. Factors such as shipment volume, service requirements, and lane complexity should be considered when selecting an award scenario. Ultimately, the key to a successful RFP award scenario is a strong partnership between the company and the freight provider to understand each other’s needs. 

How ShipperGuide Makes Awarding Easier 

Awarding is one of the most time-consuming & tedious tasks during the RFP process. To find the carrier that meets your needs, in terms of rates, capacity, backup carriers, etc., can take hours. ShipperGuide reduces the hours spent on this process.

Once all bids are received, Shippers can turn to ShipperGuide’s award scenario feature. This feature, found in the RFP Guide module, allows shippers to understand the different scenarios, or rather outcomes, for all their bids - to help them find the scenario that best suits the needs of the business. As shown above, Shippers can build custom filters and rules for carrier incumbency, carrier type, split volumes, backup carriers, etc. ShipperGuide will use those rules to guide shippers in awarding carriers to help speed up this time-consuming process. 

For example, the image above depicts a very difficult scenario for shippers to deal with - when you can’t find a carrier that meets the capacity requirement. When this happens shippers find themselves shuffling through all bids in order to find the necessary number of carriers to move these loads. But the split volume rule within the awards scenarios feature can do that for you. You can create a rule to set the maximum number of carriers you want your RFP split between, and ShipperGuide will filter & automatically select the carriers with the best rates, achieving 100% allocation, as shown below. 

Regardless of how daunting the process of awarding carriers during the RFP process can be, ShipperGuide’s unique and easy-to-use features will help ease this process by providing shippers with valuable insights and data-driven award recommendations based on key factors that mean the most to your business. 

To learn more about how ShipperGuide improves processes to reduce overall time spent on managing freight, click here!

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