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Exploring Loadsmart’s New Expedited Shipping Service

In a perfect world, there is always plenty of time to deliver a shipment. But logistics pros know it’s not always so simple. Critical parts get delayed, customers need last-minute deliveries, and schedules change. Whatever the reason, there are times when every company needs a fast and reliable expedited delivery service.

Introducing Loadsmart Expedited Shipping

Loadsmart Expedited Shipping was created to be your one-stop shop for urgent deliveries. With our technology-first approach, companies can be confident that their urgent shipments are delivered quickly and efficiently — and at a fair price. Loadsmart's extensive carrier network and national coverage ensure you can find expedited capacity when and where you need it. Our 24/7 support takes care of your questions and your shipment from pickup through delivery.

The Power of Loadsmart Expedited Shipping

Here’s how Loadsmart Expedited Shipping makes things easier:

We’ve been there and shipped that. Loadsmart Expedited Shipping has experience serving a wide range of company types and situations. This includes healthcare, automotive, retail, manufacturing, and other industries. We’ve even helped with trade shows, music events and concerts, retail rollouts, seasonal demands, and all types of residential and commercial deliveries.

We have the right trucks. Loadsmart has the right vehicles and equipment for almost any cargo. From sprinter vans for smaller, time-sensitive deliveries to larger straight trucks and tractor-trailers. If it can fit in a truck, we have the right vehicle to make your delivery quickly and securely.

We do whatever needs to be done. Every expedited shipment is unique, and Loadsmart provides the solution called for, no matter what it is. Expedited deliveries are usually nuanced and will likely require flexibility. Our support team is engaged from the start to help you understand your options and the cost impact of your different choices. Our technology provides complete transparency for everything about your critical shipment.

Loadsmart Expedited Solutions Are Different

Here are some benefits of having Loadsmart as a trusted partner to help with your most urgent shipments.

Industry-Leading On-Time Delivery

How much is your peace of mind worth to you? Loadsmart boasts a near-perfect 98.7% on-time delivery performance — and a tiny .02% chance of a claim. So, you can be confident that your urgent shipment will arrive when it’s needed, and safely.

Delivery Assurance

For added peace of mind, Loadsmart will provide proof of delivery paperwork immediately upon the completion of your shipment, as well as pictures of the loaded freight and freight before unloading. This documentation ensures clear communication and accountability throughout the process.

Local Expertise, Nationwide Reach

Loadsmart offers the capabilities of an extensive nationwide network combined with the personalized touch of local expertise. That means you receive an expedited solution tailored to your specific needs, no matter where your shipment needs to go.

The next time you have a shipment that standard TL or LTL can’t deliver on time, contact Loadsmart. We’ll provide delivery options and customer support to ensure your next time-critical delivery is made on time.

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