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Opendock Partners with Qued to Simplify Carrier Scheduling

Chicago, IL - June 20th, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) - Opendock, Loadsmart’s leading dock scheduling software for warehouses, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Qued, a scheduling integration software that closes the gap between dozens of systems and carriers’ TMS. This partnership improves the carrier-led scheduling process, making it easier for carriers to book appointments across facilities.

Opendock offers an easy-to-use scheduling solution for warehouses to manage their inbound and outbound processes better while letting carriers book online. This makes it easier for carriers to schedule online through a user-friendly interface or building automation via API.  Opendock helps warehouses reduce unnecessary admin tasks, allowing their staff to focus on more valuable tasks. However, as the leading dock scheduling solution within the market, we recognize that many carriers rely on various systems to schedule appointments, most of which lack an API. Carriers face the challenge of navigating through multiple systems, which requires maintaining long lists of URLs, instructions, logins, and passwords for all their facilities. It’s inefficient and a poor experience.

The integration work by Qued addresses these challenges by allowing carriers to access and schedule appointments through their internal TMS. This integration simplifies the scheduling process for carriers and saves time for carrier operations staff. By partnering with Qued, Opendock ensures that customers benefit from a more connected, automated, and standardized approach to dock scheduling. 

“We have heard from carriers loud and clear that appointment scheduling needs to be easier and more automated. We are talking to every warehouse relying on phone calls and emails to adopt Opendock and transform these archaic processes. 

At Opendock, we're focused on helping warehouses move out of their manual processes to make this type of connectivity a reality. Then we work with great partners like Qued who solve the problems for carriers by building these integrations across multiple scheduling systems and the carriers’ TMS. The Qued team deeply understands how scheduling works and they are making it easy for carriers to connect the dots.

With over 12 million annual appointments and 3,500 warehouses, we currently see tens of thousands of appointments booked via API every month on Opendock with partners like Qued and directly from carriers.” - Jeff Booth, Sr. Director of Product, Loadsmart

"Partnering with the Opendock team has brought great value to our carrier and 3PL customers. The ability to instantly connect to thousands of locations in their platform using their robust API set made the process easy for our team. Bringing Opendock connections directly to our customers in less than 24 hours is possible because of this partnership." - Tom Curee, President, Qued

About Opendock

Opendock is an online dock scheduling platform built specifically for the needs of warehouses. It gives carriers an easy-to-use online portal to book appointments online based on warehouse availability. This saves labor time, improves throughput, reduces detention fees, and lessens dock and yard congestion. Opendock serves SMB customers with hundreds of monthly appointments to large enterprises with a hundred thousand monthly appointments. It’s currently a vendor of choice for more than 50 companies in the Fortune 500. For more information, please visit: https://opendock.com/

About Qued

Qued is a cloud-based AI-enabled smart workflow automation platform that transforms load appointment scheduling for brokers, 3PLs, and carriers into the future. It automates the entire process seamlessly, securing the ideal time slot to schedule loads - all types of loads; even multi-stop loads. No more juggling spreadsheets, a high volume of emails, and a variety of portal logins. Carriers enjoy a smoother workflow, shippers gain increased visibility, and brokers build trust with on-time deliveries. Qued strengthens relationships by improving communications and transparency. No more missed appointments and frustrated customers – Qued’s intelligent platform delivers the efficiency and reliability you need, helping your business thrive. Let Qued’s real-time AI platform streamline your workflow and help build your business. For more information about Qued, visit us at www.qued.com, or send us an email to contact.us@qued.com.

About Loadsmart

Loadsmart is revolutionizing the logistics landscape by combining cutting-edge technology with high-level transportation services to optimize freight spend, increase efficiency, and enhance service quality. Whether through managed transportation services, freight management software, dock scheduling technology, truck management solutions, a dynamic freight brokerage, or tailor-made optimization solutions, we empower shippers, carriers, and warehouses to move more with less.

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