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Forget About Smart Trucks, What About Smart Highways?

With all of these debates in Congress on the infrastructure budgets and future improvements on highways, an interesting market to discuss is the Smart Highway Market. The Smart Highway market is the latest technological transportation market to pop up. Although it is currently only estimated at 12.56 million It is estimated to grow 17.4% annually and to grow more than double in 2019 at nearly 28 million.

Smart Highway Systems Already Being Produced:

-Electronic Toll Collection

-Lane Department Warning Systems

-Variable Message Sign, however there is still so much untapped development.

Smart Highway Technologies Being Developed

-Intelligent Transport Management Systems

-Intelligent Traffic Management Systems

-Communication & Monitoring Systems

-Services: consultancy, managed services, and maintenance and operation services.

Some of the Challenges Hindering Development

-Faulty driver information

-Unseemly traffic flow generated by lousy highway communication infrastructure

-Lack of technological & training in Smart High Market


Key Players are Smart Highway Market

Alcatel Lucent, Indra, Kapsch AG, LG CNS, Siemens AG, and Xerox Corporation.

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