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3 Reasons There Will Always be a Human Behind Logistics Technology

In a world where technology permeates nearly every major industry, the trucking industry is no different. With a steady rise in the number of truck drivers who use smartphones for both entertainment and job management, companies are racing to provide the technology they need to revolutionize the trade. The trucking industry accounts for over $700 billion in yearly revenue and employs nearly 9 million people in the United States alone, so it’s only natural that there is hesitation in transitioning such a massive industry into technology. While logistics technology makes everything easier, there will always be a need for the human touch in the trucking industry.

Shipments Get Rerouted, Trucks Break Down

Life happens, daily. And in life, sometimes things go wrong. Pallets can be rejected by the receiver and put back on the trailer. Appointment times that are missed will need rescheduling. Trucks can break down on the road. Warehouses can be closed when a driver arrives. The list goes on and on. There are hold-ups and obstacles that can’t be solved without a human on the other end. While it’s easy to imagine that using an app to manage your fleet results in a disconnect between dispatchers and drivers, in reality the right platform can make communication easier than ever. Loadsmart, for instance, provides a chat platform for dispatchers, drivers, shippers and warehouse operators to keep one another updated.

Your Livelihood is at Stake

In an industry that transports more than 70 percent of all freight, there is always a lot at stake. It’s crucial that every detail is perfect.  While logistics technology provides tools such as real-time GPS tracking and instant booking of shipments to streamline the process, such a complex industry cannot be reduced to just a few computer clicks. So although Loadsmart automatically vets its carriers with high FMCSA safety and performance standards there is always a human touch on the other end making sure that all of the details fall into place,  assuring you that your goods are being transported by qualified carriers.

Human Assurance

When it comes to your money, sometimes it’s hard to trust that a software can instantly give you the best shipping price. Though our advanced algorithms are constantly crunching data to deliver a fast and accurate estimate, there is always a professional double-checking to make sure we deliver fair prices to both our shippers and partner carriers.

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