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Loadsmart Releases Q2/21 Numbers: Year-Over-Year Revenue Growth of 232%


CHICAGO, July 21, 2021Loadsmart, a leading freight technology company, reported a 232% Q2/21 year-over-year and a 32% quarter-over-quarter revenue growth driven by continued technology adoption by shippers and carriers.

“Q2 represents the results of our commitment to complementing the best technology – powered by 150 members of our engineering team – with the best logistics professionals in the industry. This strategic mix has been at the core of our strategy,” said Felipe Capella, president, COO and co-founder of Loadsmart. “With the release of our Data Insights offering to strengthen shipper operations with robust data infrastructure and the launch of a new mode optimization capability to offer multiple instantly bookable rates across different modes we continue to provide additional value to our shippers and attract industry-leading strategic partners.” 

In June, Loadsmart announced its latest strategic partnership with Manhattan Associates; Loadsmart’s automated freight quoting, capacity sourcing and tracking platform now lives within the Manhattan Active® Transportation Management. This is a first for Manhattan’s customers and allows them to instantly receive rates and tender loads within their TMS.

“We have a very exciting roadmap for 2021 that will add game-changing value to shippers and carriers alike. But our strategy is not to impose off-the-shelf solutions to market players: to the contrary, we bring shippers and carriers to the table and build together the best technology with  customers as true partners from beginning to end,” said Capella.

Loadsmart is hiring 200 new positions in the second half of 2021 with the same concept in mind: a healthy mix of technology and logistics expertise.

For more information about the new integration, please visit: https://loadsmart.com/integrations/manhattan/, for Data Insights, please visit: https://loadsmart.com/data-insights, and for more information about mode optimization, please visit: https://loadsmart.com/mode-optimization/.

About Loadsmart

Transforming the future of freight, Loadsmart leverages artificial intelligence, machine learning and strategic partnerships to automate how freight is priced, booked and shipped. Pairing advanced technologies with deep-seated industry expertise, Loadsmart fuels growth, simplifies operational complexity and bolsters efficiency for carriers and shippers alike. For more information, please visit: https://loadsmart.com.

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